Dinamico Consulting



brand Support and Brand Representation Services

We pride ourselves as a full-scale business support service provider with our activities covering business incubation, business development and brand representation services. We can support businesses and brands at any stage of development – start up, growing or firmly established – providing effective solutions across independent business research, business documentation services, regulatory compliances, industry profiling, competition analysis, feasibility studies and trend analysis among other related service offerings.

Our brand representation services capture the entire gamut of a brand’s corporate profile and expressions – verbal and written – including but not limited to brand paraphernalia, logos, fonts, letterheads, proposals, brochures, website, and social media management as well as full content development, communication planning and advisory services. We deliver bespoke services with each individual client’s peculiarities and preferences in mind thereby creating a unique brand identity that resonates with the brand’s vision and objectives.


Capacity Building and Development Services

Since 2009, we have successfully organized a series of executive and targeted training and capacity development services through our subsidiary brands, Dinamico Tutors and Project Boardworld



Dinamico tutors

Dinamico Tutors organizes targeted and bespoke academic-based training sessions for participants aged 2 to 18 across selected curriculum including British and Montessori among others, with its services effectively covering the entire Pre-School, Basic School, and High School categories as well as A-Level and Professional Examinations including but not limited to ICAN, ACCA, CITN, GRE/GMAT and related international certification examinations. Adult education services are also covered.

Dinamico Tutors’ services also cover extra-curricular and non-academic based activities including but not limited to swimming, musical instruments training, dance training, aerobics, and calisthenics among others. The organized trainings sessions can be deployed as private classes at home, office or in selected locations with one or more participants, subject to agreed terms.


Project Boardworld

Project Boardworld was launched in 2012 with a focus to raise a generation of highly intelligent school children between the ages of 8 and 12 through the introduction of strategy-based board games. The target population has since expanded over the years to include younger and older school children.

3 board games are currently focused on in Project Boardworld – Chess, Monopoly and Scrabble. The impact of these games can be easily demonstrated in a variety of skills including but not limited to negotiation, strategy, decision making, speed and accuracy. These games further impact positively on selected school subjects, especially in the areas of Science, Technical, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Project Boardworld has been deployed at different periods in about 13 schools in Ondo State and Lagos State since its pilot project in 2012 and is currently in high demand both as a school-based activity and as one-on-one training sessions. The project is deployed in a well-structured format ensuring full value is guaranteed.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Project B.U.I.L.D was launched in 2013 with a mandate to raise young leaders who would go on to dominate the major facets of the local and global economy in the future. The project’s vision was to directly affect the lives of 1000 children between the ages of 6 and 18 by 2025 by equipping them with leadership development skills through an organized and regimented series of programs designed to ignite a passion in the young ones to make a difference at early stages in life and go on to become key players in the future of the country, the continent and indeed the world.

The acronym B.U.I.L.D is expressed in full as Birthing Unrivaled and Innovative Leaders with Dynamism. All activities in the project are to be rendered pro bono, albeit with partnerships and sponsors welcome to join the project. Project B.U.I.L.D is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) expression of Dinamico Consulting.