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My experience with my client has indeed been a wonderful and good experience. Interestingly, I wasn’t the tutor originally assigned to the client but was to hold forte until the assigned tutor was available. I guess fate designed things differently as my first class with the students turned out to be such an impactful one that they requested that I continued, and the consult made the relevant arrangement. Teaching them has been a beautiful experience and I could say we have learnt from each other as well. The experience has also given me an opportunity to work on myself and of constantly make attempts to stay on top of my game. My students are also very inquisitive and so I try to stay abreast of relevant information. The management of the consult have also been wonderful and made working so easy. I am proud to a member of this great and amazing family.
Tutoring children has been fun for me. The kids I tutor are quite young and interesting and they keep me on my toes. I cannot afford to be unprepared. Their parents have also been very supportive, and I admire how much they love their children and try as much as possible to get involved with them. Despite their busy schedules, they don’t abandon their children to the tutor or schools alone. As a result of this, the work has been a joint effort and it has yielded great results. 
I believe one of the duties of a teacher is to inspire confidence and creativity in the student. At the initial stage of tutoring one of my students in App development, he believed programming was difficult and indeed it was a struggle for him. We broke the deadlock when I gave him a task one day after teaching him and I told him he could do it. After some errors and corrections, he finally got it and the joy on his face was priceless. That marked a turning point, and he has never been the same since then. He has developed in his confidence and belief in his ability, and he is indeed making good progress towards becoming a top player in the next generation of innovative software developers.
One of my students had once performed below expectation in one of his subjects and he pleaded with me not to inform his mum. Naturally, I had to inform the consult, but I was at a crossroad between breaking his trust and a sense of duty to inform his mum. Thankfully, with the help of the consult, we employed some diplomacy and informed the mum of the situation and gave him a soft landing with a promise from him that he would do better. The way we handled the matter worked and he showed significant improvement in his exams, and we remain best buddies today.
It’s been a wonderful experience working with Dinamico Consulting. I always enjoy the formality, the hospitality and the family-driven love that radiates around the management and the team as well as the clients and the students I am assigned to work with. Through a lot of ups and downs and sometimes really challenging situations with tutoring my students, I have learnt a lot and also found a way to create a balance whilst also keeping the mentor-mentee relationship I built with my pupils/students. My actions are influenced by my love for teaching and impacting knowledge, which made even the tough times relatively easy, of course with God’s special grace. To crown it all I must say that Dinamico Consulting has has really been an all-round outstanding establishment, and the clients I’ve been assigned to work with have been amazing too. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this positive-minded and value-driven organization.
Working with Dinamico Consulting has been an eye opener for me and giving me a fresh perspective on relationship with children. It was quite challenging at first especially considering I was teaching young children for the first time but with the right guidance, things have become quite comfortable now.
I have learned a great deal of patience working with my students in board games. There were moments I got quite frustrated because I was not seeing the commensurate results of my efforts, but I also learnt to try new approaches and the story has changed. In fact, two of my students won the tournaments in their respective classes.
My students are in a different geographical location, so we take the classes virtually. Seeing it was their first time having an online teacher, we had challenges initially, but we have since settled in and the classes have been going well. Their parents have also been very helpful, and the students have recorded remarkable improvements.

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