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Like A Butterfly

 In simple language, the term ‘evolution’ refers to the gradual development of something. This definition depicts the reality of earlier forms of existence and a continual development into new or different forms

Let us take the case of a butterfly for instance. There are four stages in the metamorphosis or development of a butterfly. First, the adult female butterfly lays its eggs on a plant. These tiny eggs go on to develop and are hatched into larva. This is the feeding stage during which it splits its skin and sheds it at least 4 times. During this stage, the larva can grow as much as 100 times its original size as at the time of hatching.
The pupa soon emerges as the larva is fully grown. This stage represents the transition stage. During this stage, it usually looks like nothing is going on, but big changes are happening inside as special cells that were present in the larva begin to grow rapidly and go on to form the eyes, legs, wings, and other parts of the adult butterfly. Finally, the adult butterfly emerges in its most beautiful and appreciable form.
At Dinamico Consulting, we can absolutely relate to the story of the butterfly. Like the butterfly, we have also evolved through different stages. We started out as a home education service and business writing content provider and over the years, we have evolved to a point where our services are diversified across two major areas – Brand Support & Brand Representation Services and Capacity Building & Development Services.
Our Brand Support & Brand Representation Services have seen us work with personal and corporate brands alike to craft their brand ideas and help with their implementation and execution, basically telling their stories in a most simplistic yet engaging manner. We undertake business writings – proposals, business plans and feasibility study reports, among other business content. We are poised to deliver bespoke services with each individual client’s peculiarities and preferences in mind thereby creating a unique brand identity that resonates with the brand’s vision and objectives.
Our Capacity Building & Development Services have raised the bar with the inclusion of Board Games as a Service where we have developed a full-fledged curriculum for age categories from 6 to 18 years and the adult categories in Chess, Scrabble and Monopoly. Our private tutorial classes have also taken a new dimension with more personalized approach to teaching our students in both academic and extra-curricular settings, adaptable as physical or virtual (online) classes. We recently partnered with Leverage-Edu, an international educational outfit that has assisted thousands of students get placements in top universities around the world.
Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vehicle, Project B.U.I.L.D which is an acronym for Birthing Unrivaled and Innovative Leaders with Dynamism aims to provide free leadership-oriented trainings across selected conversations for children between the age of 6 and 18 with a focus on grooming the leaders of the future. We believe this initiative is particularly important in these changing times when children are easily influenced by their external environment and what they see, hear, and feel. Project B.U.I.L.D takes the conversations directly to these budding ones with the hope of ensuring they overcome these potential negative influences and stand out in their generation as true leaders of tomorrow.
2022 has seen us continue to build on our foundations and we look forward to 2023 and indeed the coming years with a lot of hope and belief. We would be introducing some new features into our Capacity Building and Development Services with a more automated service including our Attendance Records, Client Feedback Report and including more Virtual (Online) classes in addition to the existing ones we currently have. We would also be exploring the Tutor Exchange Program to give our clients a taste of variety and showcase our versatility.
We also look forward to having more partners join us to indeed make a difference in our world as we continue to redefine the concept of value in service delivery. 

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