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Our Tutors Speak

My experience with my client has indeed been a wonderful and good experience. Interestingly, I wasn’t the tutor originally assigned to the client but was to hold forte until the assigned tutor was available. I guess fate designed things differently as my first class with the students turned out to be such an impactful one that they requested that I …

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Educational Support Systems: Are they relevant today?

A few weeks ago, precisely on 14th November 2022, I received a call from a potential client, and we had a rather interesting conversation. The first term examinations were due in about a week, and he wanted to engage our home tutorial services to brush up his son for the examinations. I explained our processes to him and sent him …

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Intentional Parenting: Counting the Cost

A popular Yoruba adage says, ‘it takes two people to produce a child, but it takes an entire community to nurture that child’. This was an undisputed truth in the days when the streets were safe, and our society had a greater dose of positive influences in its nook and crannies It is sad that we can no longer confidently …

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Curriculum Wars: Academics vs Extra-curriculars; Keeping the balance

We live in a very traditional society and until now, majority of Nigerian schools, parents and stakeholders in the education sector see academic work as the true representation of intelligence and wisdom Thus, a child is not considered intelligent if they do not ace all their papers, especially Mathematics, English, Sciences etc. As such, the focus has become so streamlined …

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Like A Butterfly

 In simple language, the term ‘evolution’ refers to the gradual development of something. This definition depicts the reality of earlier forms of existence and a continual development into new or different forms Let us take the case of a butterfly for instance. There are four stages in the metamorphosis or development of a butterfly. First, the adult female butterfly lays …

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